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Carbo Basic Polar Berries

Carbo Basic Polar Berries


1 Container 800 gr



Carbo Basic Plus is a unique combination of carbohydrates. Offering high concentrations of long-chain, complex carbs, this product was specifically designed for high-intensity and prolonged activities. Attention: this beverage has the smarts! The potato starch used was engineered to provide and maintain hypotonic stability, even if you drink a lot of it. In other words, this product is easily absorbed and processed by the stomach. Carbo Basic Plus is also highly effective in preventing a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. Carbo Basic Plus is a reliable bonk buster. Free from lactose, gluten and artificial additives.

Suitable also for carbo-loading before a competition.

  •  enables the body to absorb high amounts of carbohydrate
  •  prevents athletes from hitting the wall
  •  hypotonic
  •  free from lactose and gluten, vegan
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