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Night Protein Cacao

Night Protein Cacao


Bag 600 gr


Night Protein is a protein mix with an extremely low amount of carbohydrates. The body slowly digests casein, allowing it to be provided with the most important amino acids – which is why Night Protein is ideal before going to sleep. Developed to provide you with protein.








New name, proven formula: DAY PROTEIN (formerly Whey Iso Protein) is a whey protein isolate with high protein concentrations and a high biological value. Rich in essential amino acids, this is the perfect product to satisfy your daily protein needs. Given that DAY PROTEIN is also free from sugar, lactose and gluten, it is easily digested, has a high solubility and tastes simply great.More volume, attractive price: DAY PROTEIN is now available in a 750 g bag. SPORTS DRINK POWDER

Power Protein is a highly effective recovery drink containing four natural sources of protein. Meet the players: high-molecular, slowly-available proteins and hydrolyzed, rapidly-available proteins. Put both in the proper mixture ratio and what you get is a recovery shake which is miles better than any other. Relief is provided to the body by way of the most important amino acid building blocks – both immediately following exercise and still hours later. As a result, recovery after vigorous exercise is greatly inhanced.

  • supports muscle maintenance
  • helps meet the body's daily protein requirement
  • high quality whey protein isolate
  • free from sugar, lactose and gluten
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